Custom Curriculum Development

Transform your sustainability education with my tailored curriculum solutions integrating sustainability across disciplines, designed to meet national and Oregon academic standards.

Are you struggling to find engaging and effective learning materials for sustainability education? Discover custom resources that cater to your unique needs, including lesson plans, printables, worksheets, assessments, slide decks, unit plans, student texts, and resource guides. Each resource is meticulously crafted to inspire learners of all abilities while aligning with Oregon’s Environmental Literacy Plan and CASEL Social-Emotional Learning Competencies.

Ready to create transformative learning experiences? Schedule a meeting with me to discuss how we can collaborate on your next educational project.

Outdoor Guest Teaching

Experience engaging outdoor sessions led by an experienced educator, providing hands-on experiences and real-world insights into sustainability.

Planning a field trip or outdoor education experience? Experience hands-on learning with nature connection activities, scientific inquiry, nature walks, plant and animal identification, gardening, and more. Whether in a natural area, schoolyard, or garden, my guest teaching services offer interactive and educational experiences for groups of up to 25 students.

Ensure your students benefit from enriching outdoor education sessions. Request a meeting with me to discuss how we can design a memorable and educational experience for your group.

Professional Development Workshops 

Empower educators with my comprehensive training programs to effectively teach sustainability.

Are you looking to enhance your teaching practice in sustainability and environmental education? Join my interactive workshops designed for educators at all experience levels. Gain practical tools and strategies to engage students in critical sustainability issues through online or in-person sessions. 

Explore innovative teaching methods alongside a community of educators dedicated to preparing students for a sustainable future. Visit the ONREP website for upcoming workshops or request a meeting to schedule a workshop tailored to your school or organization’s needs.